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1.You need to register and create an account. Your username, email address etc. must be the same as it is in your profile information on TCM Pharmacy You should register first, then you can use our TCM Intelligent Diagnostic-Therapeutic System to create a list. You can save the list and return to it. Our diagnosis is based on your list and the information you submit to us, so please read and answer the questions carefully.

2. The symptoms you selected can’t be saved if you have not logged in. The list can be submitted if you have uploaded files of  the photos of your tongue, etc.

3.This Constitution List can be submitted without the Symptoms & Disease List and no diagnosis fee is required. Please click on the Constitution Category one by one to read and provide answers. For example, If your skin is dry, select it and click Add to list. Please read The Procedure of Creating a List in detail first on the page of Start Symptoms Diagnosis.

Symptoms & Disease List

1.You must submit the Symptoms & Disease List with the Constitution List. Please open the Symptoms & Disease List, click on its categories one by one, and answer the questions. When you submit the Symptoms & Disease List with the Constitution List, you will be redirected to PayPal to make payment. Then the status of this list will be changed to Submitted.
2.As you will have been allocated to a doctor after submitting the first list, the next submitted lists will be allocated to the same doctor and the status of submitted lists will automatically be changed to Approved after payment.
3.You cannot delete a submitted list after payment and ask for a refund. So please take your time to read the symptoms one by one, select the symptoms and conditions what you have to list carefully. If you have a disease, please add it to the list.

Talk to Doctor Online

Please give doctor details about any special symptoms, what medicines you are taking now, the therapy effects, etc. in the Patient Statement. Please read the content about tongue diagnosis in Basic Questions, upload photos of your tongue, and other images,video or files that you think can help the doctor better understand your symptoms and condition. The list can’t be submitted if you have not uploaded files.

If you want to talk to doctor online, you can send doctor messages after you submit the list, and will receive an email if the doctor sends messages to you. You can also upload additional documents to messages. You can inquiry your doctor without time limitation, but we hope you can read the Faqs in account first.

If you need to talk to us about other things, please create a ticket to contact us.


Status of the List

1.The symptoms you selected can’t be saved if you have not logged in. When you save a list, its status will be New,you can save the List at any time and return later. Upload files (photos of your tongue, etc.) before you submit the list, as after submitting, the status of the list will change to Submitted.
2.You can only submit one list at a time per diagnose. If you have submitted only the Constitution List for which no diagnosis fee is required, and if you then want to submit another Symptoms & Disease List, please delete the previous submitted Constitution List before the status of the Constitution List changes to Approved. If you edit the List after it has been submitted, it can only be saved as another new list.
3.The status of the list would also be changed to “Need to modify” by the doctor and you will see suggestions in the comments box if you open the list. Modify and resubmit the list, and the status of the List will change to Submitted. You will be informed about all changes to the list status by email, so it will be easy for you to track changes.

Reference Report

The doctor will check the patient’s list and prepare a report. When the Reference report is completed, the status of the list will be changed to Report Ready and you will be informed by email.

Reference medical reports provided by the TCM Intelligent Diagnostic-Therapeutic System are high in accuracy and normative in contents.

A standard Reference report includes: medical diagnosis, treatment method, doctor’s review,prescription and formula(optional). Please click the link to see the sample of a Reference report.

Custom made

In Ref. report your doctor would send you some links of third party websites where you can purchase Chinese medicine. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you.We have no control over the legal documents and privacy practices of third party websites; as such, you access any such third party websites at your own risk.

In the olden days the medicinal formula prescribed under the Traditional Chinese medicine are not available in a ready to eat form and you have to worry about getting the exact ingredients and prepare them at home exactly as per the directions and instructions of the Doctor.

We have introduced the new way of custom made capsules containing the right combinations of all the herbal medicinal products that can be taken as a pill. Due to this you can avoid the complicated and time consuming way of preparing the herbal medicine and taking in bitter tasting medicines. These custom made capsules they can be ordered according to Doctor’s advice and shipped to all the places in the World .In the Prescription of Reference report you can click the links which will lead you to relevant custom made pages. It is very easy and convenient to operate. Your username, email address our TCM Pharmacy must be the same as it is in your profile information on this site.Please fill in your Ref. Report No. before checkout.


Please click on “Feedback” to write your feedback about the effect of the therapy and your satisfaction with the service.

‘Cured’ means that symptom completely disappeared; ‘Notably Effective’ means that symptoms almost disappeared.

You have two choices to submit the feedback:
1. Submit your feedback. This way just submits it to the site.
2. Submit your feedback and share it with your referral link on social media.The referral plan of HK Sanlida makes our company’s products even more affordable to our loyal customers. When you have introduced a sizeable number of your friends and relatives, you can spend less on maintaining your health besides helping your near and dear to become healthier.