Chinese medicine Doctors Treatment Testimonials

I: Client Zhang Youzhi

Mr. Zhang Youzhi, 68, consultation time: 13:02:33, May 5, 2012.

Contact address: Jishou University

Medical record: hospitalized in the provincial people’s hospital over a month, diagnosed with: chronic nephritis, renal failure, renal hypertension, high blood sugar, no improvements after taking some Chinese medicines, western medicines,nor antiphlogistic injection.

Last Saturday Chinese Medicine Doctor. Peng went to Beijing to attend a meeting, thus referred Mr. Youzhi to another doctor. The new Chinese doctor treated him with the newly developed TCM diagnosis system.

Self-statement: dizzy for 3 years, body temperature for over a year, nightly sweating for 30 years

Symptoms: tinnitus, lassitude, heavy headedness, slackness around waist and knees, fatigue, feverish sensation in the palms and soles, insomnia, slight thirst, uncomfortable defecation, frequent urination at night, pale complexion, slightly swollen lower limbs, pale tongue, gray or black tongue, stringed pulse, slow pulse, high blood pressure, increased urea nitrogen, high creatinine, urine with protein.

Medical diagnosis: Liver-kidney yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity syndrome.

Treatment method: Nourishing the liver and kidneys, calming the liver and subduing yang.

Prescription: Basic formula for whole body regulating plus special formula which composed of tortoise shell 12g, scrophulariaceae 10g, asparagus 12g, white peony root 12g, oyster 15g, achyranthes 10g, ochre 2g, rhynchophylla 10g, medlar 8g, rehmannia root 10g. 4 packages .

2nd visit: 8:35:25 May 10, 2002

Self-statement: the patient had one package for the first time on May 5. Nightly sweating disappeared. After taking 4 packages dizziness dramatically diminished, body temperature decreased, his head began feeling lighter, the patient began sleeping better, night urination decreased, the patient did not sweat even under a heavy quilt. The patient suffered hypoglycaemia twice. He noted a miraculous effect from just half the package, nightly sweating disappeared.

Symptoms: Pale complexion, pale tongue, lower limbs still slightly swollen.

Medical diagnosis: Yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity tendency has been slow, presenting deficiency of Yin and Yang.

Prescription: a formula composed of ten tonic ingredients that are prepared rhizome of rehmannia, Chinese yam, cornus officinalis, poria, alisma, cortex moutan, aconite, cinnamon, pilose antler, schisandra chinensis, 10 packages.

II.Client Qiu Chunhui

Qiu Chunhui, female, 60, from Hengyan, Hunan Province. The patient came to visit the doctor in the spring of 2013 for suffering from dizziness and mouth ulcers.

Symptoms: slight hypertension, dizziness palpitation, vexation and insomnia, feeling of thirst, frequent night urination, reluctance to eat because of sore mouth, smooth yet slightly dry stool, lip and mouth sores – often several as large as beans, some festering, burning pain, antibiotics taken a lot, yet to no effect, worried about cancer. She hoped to try Chinese medicine. She had a slim body, was mentally sound, did not have a cold, nor sweating, had normal complexion, darkish tongue, yellowish peeled coating on the tongue, fragile and stringed pulse.

According to the comprehensive diagnosis the symptoms suggest deficiency of Yin and inability to manipulate Yang, which means that Yang is hyperactive, fostering symptoms of upper bodily heat, such as: blisters, thirst, palpitation, insomnia. But this heat is not excessive burning. The aphthous is not caused by infection. The deficiency of Yin is demonstrated by the slim body, dry stool, fragile pulse, peeled coating of tongue, thus devastating the vicious cycle of the symptoms. Upper bodily heat without lower body being cold does not indicate Yang deficiency.

According to the newly developed TCM diagnosis system it was diagnosed as wind dizziness, heart yin deficiency internal heat syndrome. Disease is easy to treat if symptoms are diagnosed by Chinese medicine Doctor correctly.

Prescription:Basic formula for whole body regulating plus special formula which composed of rehmanniae, ophiopogon japonicus, jujube, rhizoma coptidis, radix scrophulariae, tuckahoe, liquorice, akebia, rushes. It is in great coincidence with the former diagnosis.

During the second visit the patient told the doctor that after 3 packages of drugs the mouth ulcers and soreness of the mouth disappeared. She had never taken any herbal medicines, so the effect of treatment is miraculous. The symptoms were not eradicated. Medications were still necessary, and the client was advised by Chinese medicine practitioner to avoid spicy and dry foods.